​What is
Total BodyAnalysis?

What is Total Body Analysis? 
The theory behind Total Body Analysis is that all disease is a result of toxin accumulation in various cells and organ systems. Toxins that accumulate in the body and cause dysfunction include; food chemicals (additives, preservatives, pesticides, food dyes, etc), food allergen triggers (lectins),  environmental (misc. air pollutants), cosmetic (shampoos, perfumes, makeup, etc), metal (jewelry, tattos, cookware), injected sources (vaccination side effects, insect bites/stings), microbials (parasites, cocci, viruses, etc), structural (physical trauma or injury, surgery, cuts/wounds), electromagnetic sources (radiation, EMFs, geopathic), emotional (negative emotional experiences), spiritual (negative spiritual experiences), inherited (genetic predispositions).  Toxins can become lodged  in tissues of the body and prohibit healthy functioning from occurring in the organ or system.  Once free of these toxins, the body can tap into its innate healing ability and begin the process of repairing and rebuilding.  The goal of TBA is to identify where in the body the imbalance is occuring and help the body detox the specific toxin with a gentle custom detox made specifically for your body's imbalance.  

During a full body TBA analysis, your TBA practicitoner will use numerous electromagnetic vials to determine the imbalances in the body.  These imbalances can be big or small, as there are vials for every organ, gland, function and hormone in the body.
These vials will be used to create a complex homeopathic quantum remedy that will be an antidote to what your body needs to initiate healing and allow the body to clean out the toxin, in order to restore itself.  

Research has shown the human body completely renews itself every 7 years.  The cornea replaces itself every 24 hours, the skin every 14 days, the blood cells every 90 days, the soft tissue every 6 months and the dense tissue every 2-7 years.  If the body is continuously creating new cells and has the abililty to heal itself, than why are so many people taking medications, having surgerical procedures to remove body parts, or being told there are no cures?   We are all miraculously born with the ability to heal, the question then lies in the concept that there is something stopping the body or immune system from initiating healing.  TBA remedies are almost like a light switch for your immune system to "turn" healing on by:
       1.  Identifing the toxin in the specific area of the body and stimulating the body's ability to eliminate it
       2.  Supporting the functions of that particular system involved
       3.  Supplying the specific quantum nutrition needed to do both jobs #1 and #2 above  

Since TBA has the ability to find the "cause" of the issue (not the symptom the body is expressing),  it is extremely useful in helping anyone who wants to heal holistically or the person who is searching for more answers than conventional medicine can provide.  According to the founder of TBA, "There is no illness, symptom or disease too complex, only a lack of understanding of how to heal it".