"Everything is Energy 
Your thought begins it, 
Your emotions amplifies it, 
and your action increases its momentum" -Unknown

Most of the systems of the body process and balance a specific emotion. Below there are some of the larger systems and emotions associated to them.   Imbalances can occur in that system if there is too little or too much of the emotion being expressed.  For example, the pancreas, processes joy and sympathy.  When someone's life has too much joy, they may have trouble taking things seriously, everything is a joke in their life, laugh excessively about everything or they may have trouble holding a job.  The opposite of that scenario is someone has a life with no joy or sweetness in it at all, they may take life way too seriously, have no time for fun and never find child like laughter in the simple moments in life.  

The best way to keep the systems balanced, when it comes to emotions, is by allowing your body to process and feel each emotion that comes up and then let it go in one way or another.  When people repress their emotions and don't allow themselves to "feel" a specific or unpleasant emotion and/or express it in a healthy way, that system becomes both imbalanced and weakened.  When this occurs temporarily and infrequently the body can eventually rebalance the energy out.  However when this is a negative behavior pattern that continues for months, years or even decades, that system becomes so weakened it begins to show physical pain sympotoms and eventually disease.  

Healthy ways to express an emotion you are feeling can be one of the following: 

* Journal your feelings
*Talk about them with someone (rather than yell or hold resentment which stores in the body)
*Meditate away your worries (visiualize the emotions you are feeling and allowing them to be what they are and then see yourself releasing them out of your body to the universe)
*Prayer (Talk to your chosen "higher" power and hand over what you are feeling to him/her)
*Exercise and Accept what you are feeling (exercise whether it be yoga, running, football, tennis, etc. increases heart rate, therefore increasing energy and your systems strength to generate electrical messages in the body-in return helping you to process through what you are feeling!)

The Body Systems and Emotions 

By Healing Prana Published on April 30, 2016

*The chart below shows all the major organs of the body and the general job each one is responsible for.  Under the job description you will find the emotion associated to that specific organ.*

Center of Love, Joy of life; fulfillment of love from spouse or parent 


Letting go, holding on to the past​

  Grief, Sadness, and feelings of loss

 Timid emotions, wishy washy; indecision

Communication center for entire body; no spec. emotion

   Disgust and Worry *Ideas and thoughts in general 

 Criticism, failure, shame and all  FEAR

​Vulnerability, abandonment, trouble sorting feelings out

Holding tank for toxins filtered from the kidnys