~My daughter’s birth was difficult and emotional, and during the postpartum period she was an extremely unhappy baby. We spent our days hardly able to leave the house; she cried literally nonstop, falling asleep completely tense only to awaken in the same hysterical state. On paper there was “nothing wrong”…she was gaining weight and healthy, but it was clear to me that something more was happening with her. It seemed she was suffering and nothing I was doing was helping in the slightest. Hattie is my fourth child and I am an experienced birth doula, so I tried all the “things” that there was to try. Chiropractic, elimination diets, homeopathy, craniosacral…you name it, I tried it. I learned about Healing Prana’s work as a complex form of kinesiology and so we decided to give it a shot. The company explained everything thoroughly and the process was so gentle and loving. Hattie slept like a rock through our visit and her little liver and metabolic system showed it was in need of detox. I was shocked at how much information the test showed without me ever disclosing any details of Hattie’s health or history. We were given a tincture which I faithfully gave to Hattie, although by this point I had a good bit of skepticism that anything would ever work. But within a few days I noticed she was crying less and sleeping more, and after another week she was a completely different baby. People were asking “what did you do?” and “what changed?” and “she’s so happy!” A weight had truly been lifted, we were all so relieved. I highly recommend Healing Prana to anyone who is on a path to wellness. She is an incredibly wise and intuitive healer, I will be forever grateful for the gift she gave to my baby.- Stacey, Mother of Hattie, age 3 months, North Carolina

~While I was visiting Colorado, I took advantage of the moment and experienced Healing Prana.  I have been living with 
alternative choices in my life for 35 years now.  I had two conditions that I wanted evaluated by Healing Prana.  One was a reoccurring gut irritation and the other, bone on bone pain in my right knee.  I was in awe of the practictioner's skill level, not to mention the ease of being the participant.  I am very open to healing modalities so I was trusting this woman with my mind, body and spirit.  What ever wonder of the vibrations that she put into my bottle to take back to Minnesota, by the next morning,  I was detoxing from the inside out but no big deal.  My gut pain was gone and my knee pain started to diminish within a couple of days.  It took about three weeks to finish my bottle .  I have no pain in my gut and very little in my knee.  I wish that I was back in Colorado as I would be back in her office today with my next level of healing.  My alternative medical doctor muscle tested her potion and gave it a positive 10.  He has been in practice for 35 years and sent high regards to Healing Prana. 
Trust Healing Prana and be ready to give up your condition, as this is an amazing healing technique and we should be so grateful to have it available to us. - Mary, 70 yrs old, Minnesota

~I live in Florida and was connected with Healing Prana through my journey to health through holistics.  I dealt with chronic pain on the left side of my body and had issues with my kidney and reproductive organ. I have tried a number of speciliasts and methods to fix each issue and sympton, all to no avail.  I didn't clearly understand energy medicine until I came to Healing Prana, where I was educated and informed on a bigger picture what was really going on in my body and what the true root cause was for my pain.  Through a combination of detoxing my system, nutritional support and a newfound understanding of the role my emotions play on the health and wellbeing of my body, I was able to leave with a remedy that treated and healed my issues for good.  - Jennifer, 33 yrs old, Florida

~ Highly recommend! The assessment was incredible! So comprehensive and unlike any treatment I have ever received. This process works and will change the way you think about your healthcare. I will definitely come back. 
- Lindsey, 35 yrs old, Canada

~Shaelyn at Healing Prana is a Godsend!!! I was suffering from hip/groin pain for 3 years. After countless doctors, MRIs, ultrasounds, xrays, acupuncture, and even hip surgery... my pain is almost gone from working with Shaelyn for 3 months!!! I've even been able to completely get off of hypo-thyroid and high cholesterol meds which I've been on for 20 years - my primary doc's mind was blown! - Eric, 45 yrs old, North Carolina 

~Several years ago, I was having some major reflux and digestive issues. After countless doctor’s visits and procedures, I was finally given a diagnoses – gastritis. I began a daily dose of Prilosec, which I took regularly for about two years. Once I became pregnant, I stopped taking the medicine and all of my issues seemed to stay dormant, so I never resumed the Prilosec after giving birth. Fast-forward about four years and all of the same issues came creeping back, and this time I was not only having reflux issues, but also bloating and stomach pains. I, again, went to my doctor who then referred me to a gastroenterologist. After only speaking with me briefly (no physical exam) and looking over my past medical records, he diagnosed me with IBS and attempted to put me on more proton pump inhibitors and a strong dose of antibiotics based on his assumption that I had gut bacteria. I am not the type to deal with my health based on assumptions, so I denied all medications and decided to finally take the plunge with Healing Prana. For years I have been intrigued with the energy work that Shaelyn at Healing Prana does. However, I will admit that I was always a bit hesitant to try it out for myself, especially because I live across the country from where she practices. After speaking to Shaelyn at length about the process, I sent my photo her way and began what I can honestly say has been the best wellness journey of my life. Shaelyn was and continues to be incredibly thorough throughout each step of the process. The information that she has been able to share with me has been incredible. It is evident that she cares deeply for the well-being of those that she works with. She has guided me through understanding the outcome of my TBA testing and has helped me with dietary and supplement changes to assist me while taking my TBA remedy. It speaks volumes that Shaelyn was able to provide me with such a great amount of relief (in only two rounds of testing so far!) that I have never come close to achieving with modern medicine. I highly recommend Healing Prana to anyone that wants to take control of their health and well-being in a natural way. I have never felt so good in my life and I look forward to continuing my journey with Healing Prana. It has been a life changing experience for me. -Kara, 35 yrs. old, North Carolina

~Healing Prana is truly transformational and Shaelyn can do healing remotely which is even more incredible! I started on this journey 4 months ago and have never felt better. This form of holistic healing is the real heals the mind, body and spirit in a very specific way. Shaelyn's knowledge is immense as she goes above and beyond expectations to assist you on your journey. I'm truly grateful and highly recommend this. You will be blessed and healed. Just wanted to also add that I did my last healing remotely due to the fact that I have two young children and couldn't find the time. The results validated what I was already feeling in regards to my healing. Amazing that you can do this remotely and also help children who won't sit still for so long. -Evey, 44 yrs. old, Colorado 

~I am a remote client and Shaelyn is helping me to find balance within my body. The remedies always make me feel better. She provides a full body analysis and it's amazing how accurate she is with her findings especially when I am several states away! She is extremely educated in natural healing and really opened up my mind to alternative therapies. I love Healing Prana and recommend it to anyone interested! - Denise, 34 yrs. old, North Carolina  

~We have been helping my 19 month old daughter with repeated illnesses and were at our wits end when Shaelyn offered to help. First of all, she is just a wonderfully kind and knowledgeable person. And second, while we are still working to help my daughter heal, this modality has been the most effective one we have tried so far, and we have tried a lot of modalities! My daughter is usually averse to taking medications but loves taking her remedy and seems happier and healthier when taking it too. This modality is gentle, safe, and effective. I highly recommend Healing Prana. -Kristen mother of Luna, 19 months, Colorado 

~Shaelyn offers extensive knowlege in holistic medicine and healing both spiritually and physically.  I have been a remote patient for the last 6 months to live a healthier life.  The remedies and the consultations have helped immensely.  I have more enery(from diet and exercise) and less stressed.  Healing Prana has also helped get my professional career on track from tapping into the spiritual side of life and also helped me overcome some personal hurdles I was dealing with.  Healing Prana is fantastic and if you are looking for holisitic treatments it is definitely worth a try! - Marvin, 35 yrs. old, Georgia 

~I am so glad that I have discovered Healing Prana.  I admit that I have learned to be skeptical of health solutions in this 21st Century.  But I now believee Healing Prana is the real deal and can help when so many other modalities are not able to do so.  I approached Healing Prana with an enlarged prostate which led to several urinary tract infections that was not being addressed promptly by my primary healthcare providers.  This than spiraled to threatening my kidney health as well.  In addition to these issues, I also had long-term fungus residing in my toenails for over 20 years.  When I was first treated through Healing Prana, I expereienced significant relief and almost 80 % disappearance of the fungas as the first result! I was amazed.  Then I received lab results- my PSA had dropped from 16 down to 10.41 from May 2016 to October 2016.  This was an amazing shift attributable to the fascinating work of Healing Prana.  I am continuing to address my overall health and the conditions mentioend above with Healing Prana as my prime partner.  If you are looking for someone knowledgable  and skilled to help you reverse or resolve the root of any health issue, this is absolutely the way to go! Thanks so much!   -Ed Simon, 68 yrs old, Michigan 

~Long story short, I’m grateful for Healing Prana working with me like you did, it planted some seeds - of trusting the Universe for bigger and better things. 
In other news, I’ve just completed a Reiki I class, and can see myself doing more training soon, and I’m working with a lightworker / spiritual coach on meditation, consciousness, etc. I’m not dealing with anxiety nearly as much as I used to and I’m getting through depression with mindfulness. I believe my experience with TBA was one of the gateways for me to enter into a deeper healing in my life, and I will always be grateful that we met. -Johanna, 29 yrs. old, Virginia