It was my living nightmare~the thought of being a die hard sports fanatic and active outdoors enthusiast and possibly spending the rest of my life in resounding pain that left me unable to walk around the block and had me carrying an inflatable ring cushion around to sit on for the rest of my life.

The first half of my life most my reasons for visiting doctors were quick and straight forward trips in and out of the doctors office.  My parents are somewhat open to a broad definition of health medicine offered in the world, but ironically I was raised primarily with western medicine.   I always felt intrigued about learning about various forms of medicine and across cultures, I just never had a reason to jump into any of it until mid-adulthood and life changed. Never in my life did I imagine I would try every alternative, holistic modality out there in desperation to feel better-at such an early stage of life- in a panic driven state to find some type of healing from the worst mysterious pain that I’ve ever experienced. 

When I think about different times in my life where I experienced pain, I generally consider myself someone who can handle a high level of pain tolerance.  This has been confirmed on several occasions, but the one event that sticks out the most were my children’s labor stories which lasted between 16 and 46 hours long, all natural, un-medicated and extremely complicated births.  The pain I experienced during child labor was minimal, compared to the pain I repeatedly described to doctors on my search to find someone, some specialist, who would hold the key to understanding the root of what was occurring in my body.

I always considered myself generally a healthy person.  I ate a healthy primarily vegetarian focused diet, of mostly organic foods and I always loved to exercise.  When I wasn’t participating in sports, I was always keeping fit through yoga, walking and running.  Before having kids, I thought it would be best to get into the best shape of my life.  I heard the experience of pregnancy and childbirth was in comparison to the largest marathon of your life.  I felt it would be best to be as strong and as fit as possible, before taking on this experience.  I decided to up my anty of my usual exercise routine and take on two rounds of the P90X DVD’s.  This exercise program is a 90 day challenge, extremely disciplined and challenging.  I completed the challenge two times back to back, before getting pregnant with my first son.  I was in extremely great shape and felt overall stronger than I have ever been.

It wasn’t until the beginning of my 2nd trimester, when life took a turn.  I began noticed tons of changes in my body, as most newly pregnant mothers naturally do.  However the terrible pain I began feeling was in my pubic bone region, so as much as I wanted to believe this pain was rare- I was told over and over, it was common to experience pain or stretching “down there” in first time mothers.  If I were to describe the pain, it was throbbing, shooting pains that wouldn’t allow me to walk around the block, let alone do even the gentlest forms of exercise.  The next couple doctor visits went like this, I would see one of the physicians on my OB team and describe the pain and he/she (usually a team of 6 to 8 different doctors) would chalk it up to “round ligament” pain (a super common side effect of first time pregnancies where the ligaments on both sides of the stomach or groin area begin stretching to make room for the baby).  I would then leave convinced that’s what it was and continue to doubt my intuition which said to me something was not right.  I would do lots of gentle stretching, give myself a week off and then try to go for another short walk.  Praying the pain had subsided.   After another trimester of this, depression started to sink in, because I could tell the hope of having an “active” pregnancy and the idea of keeping up a fit lifestyle was completely out the door. At my next visit, I would bring up the pain again, highlighting that I literally could not do a slow, short walk or participate in a prenatal yoga class without excruciating pain, both during and afterwards as a result.  Again all I was reaffirmed was it was “normal” and some body’s just need time to adjust to a baby taking over.  At some point one of the OBGYN’s suggested I try to wear a belly band around my hips, while I tried do some light walking and stairs to keep my moving ligaments and hips more set in place as things adjusted and grew out of place.  This only seemed to make the pain worse. 

As I finished my third trimester, I had come to accept the fact that I was not going to be that mother you hear about that is so healthy and fit, she ran five miles until the day she delivered.  As the baby grew bigger, the pressure was more intense.  Over and over, I was told not to worry and this would all subside once the baby was born.  I was depressed and when I wasn’t working, I was inside resting around the house a lot more than I was okay with.   People around you tell you over and over, “pregnancy may be bad but it is SO worth it in the end”.  Which now looking back, I fully agree with that statement.  My kids are worth all the pain in the world.  However, while you go through it- it is a much harder concept to swallow.  As selfishly as it may sound, I couldn’t wait to give birth, begin healing and get back to being "Me"....working out and spending time outdoors. 

Finally March came and my birth was long and complicated. My baby weight seemed to instantly fall off me the day after giving birth.   Some may have seen that as a blessing, being fifteen pounds under my usual weight right after giving birth.  However this just felt like more of a red flag to me.  I am the type of person who generally stays the same weight and rarely ever fluctuates five or so pounds under normal circumstances.  Another alarming issue I discovered along with noticing my weight loss, was the fact that I had unknown bruises up and down both legs.   

Once the baby was born and I gave myself the typical three month recovery time period for my body to heal.   However that time came and went and I realized something deep down like a pit in my stomach.  My pain was still there and only now, more intensified.  It was sharp, “knife like” shooting pains that not only hurt me walking around as I struggled to care for my newborn, but also kept me up at night while sleeping and nursing.  I was completely unable to lie flat at night, without these pains shooting in my pubic bone region.  I couldn’t sleep on either side or my stomach without pain.  I tried putting a pillow between my legs at night, sitting propped up sleeping, sleeping in a chair instead of my bed.  Nothing seemed to help.  It would wake me out of sleep.  When I would nurse my newborn, I would just sit there and cry because the pain was that bad and I felt clueless as to what to do for it.  My husband was both confused and worried as well.  All of the doctors I saw told me it would heal after the weight of the baby was out, but if it truly was round ligament pain-why did I still experience this pain?  My first thought was to go back to the OBGYN and tell them something was definitely wrong (as I had always thought from the get go) only this time, I would demand X-rays of the area this time.  My thought was to see if a small pubic bone was cracked or broken, which has been known to occur during challenging labors.    The doctors all seemed confused and felt maybe something would show in the X-ray, but if not their feelings were I just needed more healing time.  The X-rays came back and clarified there were no broken bones or torn ligaments.  My frustration began to set in. 

Being a reader at heart, whenever I felt confused or didn’t understand something-I reached for books for answers.  Books have always been my way out, through difficult times.  After reading two different books on Ayurvedic medicine, I researched a skilled and well known Ayurvedic practitioner in the area, whom I felt would give me a different perspective on my health issue.  Ayurvedic medicine was developed in India and has been around for over 5,000 thousand years.   It holistically examines daily diet, lifestyle, physical body type and overall living environment.  Their medical perspective takes into account all of these factors, which play a role in contributing to overall health or disease in the body.  During this time period, I learned a ton about mind, body and spirit as it relates holistically to overall health and wellness.  I experienced a number of “cleansing” modalities, such as an abhyanga (massage infused with specific herbs and oils to break up toxins in the body), shirodhara (anti-stress treatment that involves pouring herb infused oil onto the forehead) and swedan (a full body herbal steam tent) to rid my body of toxins and bring wellness back.  I even participated in a seven day Panchakarma cleanse.  This cleanse is known to be one of the most effective healing techniques used to detoxify, strengthen the immune system and restore balance back to the body.   It requires a strict diet of easily digestible vegetarian foods and herbs, used to assist the body in detoxifying organs and body systems.  I worked with this Ayurveda practitioner for about a month and half.  This was one of the most rejuvenating and enlightening experiences I have ever had.  It brought emotional balance back into the picture and brought an overall greater sense of wellness and peace to me during a very chaotic, panic driven time of my life.  It did not, however, heal my pain issue. 

My next stop was my general integrative doctor, who I loved very much.  I explained to her all my symptoms; everything I had tried thus far and she recommended I try something called Cranial Sacral Therapy.  In addition, she did a full panel of new blood work on me (which showed nothing alarming) and I asked her about my weight loss and side of bruises that went up and down my legs.  She asked me some questions regarding the bruises, how long they had been there and we discussed my diet.  She instructed me to take a B complex vitamin and told me not to worry about my weight, because I was a nursing first time mother and many times weight fluctuates during nursing.  Which made sense at the time, unfortunately though, what she didn’t realize, was we just missed a main piece in this healing puzzle.  

Cranial Sacral therapy is an alternative form of energy medicine discovered by Dr. John E Upledger.  I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about what it was, so I ordered his book, Your Inner Physician and You.  I had plans to just scan over the main ideas of the book, for a brief understanding or “cliff note version” of how it worked on pain or other issues in the body.  Needless to say I ended up reading the book backwards back to front, page for page, simply because I was so fascinated.  The concept is a gentle hands- on method of evaluating the cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds and protects the brain and spinal cord.  It is effective by improving the functions of the central nervous system and a wide range of medical problems associated with pain and dysfunction.  I remember sitting in his office on day one of my first appointment with him.  I felt totally hopeless and desperate for anything to work at this point.  I just started explaining my story and what I was there for and couldn’t hold back from hysterically balling. 

When someone’s health is taken away its one thing, but when someone loses hope and their health-its just enough to make you feel like you have nothing to live for! I prayed that whatever form of healing this was, it be the only thing I needed to walk out of his door a healed woman.  I worked with him for three months straight, going once every week.  Through his energy work, my own reading and his discussions with me, I learned a ton about pain as it relates to emotional and physical symptoms in the body.  I saw a number of positive emotional and physical changes within my body take place from this form of healing.  Unfortunately in this particular case, it did not bring me the key I was desperately searching for.   

My mother in her own frustration with hearing me in endless pain and a lack of answers, researched and found an amazing local pelvic floor physical therapist in the area (an hour across town in the opposite direction) who she encouraged me to go see.   At the time, I didn’t even know this type of physical therapist "specialist" existed and what bothered me even more was the fact that her office was directly across the street from the OB office I was with for ten months during pregnancy.  Why wouldn’t someone from that team of doctors direct me to this specialist directly across the street from them, if they had no idea what my pain was and knew this woman worked with pre and post pregnancy issues of the pelvic floor?   The idea confused me and infuriated me at the same time. 

This physical therapist seemed extremely skilled and experienced with pre and post pregnancy issues regarding the pelvic floor muscles and tendons.  Each time I would gear myself up for these God-awful appointments, I would give myself pep talks about how this could be “the” appointment that will find the solution or provide relief down there.  When I state that I dreaded these appointments, that is an understatement.   Ladies, it was like going to get a pap smear done every week down there (which most women despise), only more awkward (as she would talk to you as she performed different techniques to strengthen the functions of the pelvic floor) and more painful, sometimes holding areas for longer periods of time to “stretch” things back into place.  From the get go, she was eager to help and wanted to be the answer to all my questions.  She is exactly the kind of person someone who has lost hope, needs to find.  She was a knowledgeable and willing professional open to working with the hopeless patient, as a team, to help figure out the solution (even if she truly didn’t know the answers immediately). She gently stated from our initial appointment, throughout our twice a week meetings and into the next three to four months, “I just strongly don’t feel or see anything that is that out of place for things to be causing you this much pain”.  She saw general signs of weakness, as she did with most first time postpartum mothers recovering.  But she herself was stumped at the pain level and type I was experiencing.    As a last resort, because I could tell she didn’t want to give up hope for me, she even began talking to me about my personal life to see if it was something emotionally that could be causing the issue. 
My personal life was a side note in all of this.  My marriage was going through an extremely challenging time period.  My husband and I both look back and feel it was pivotal in the course of our life.  I began thinking maybe this is all emotional, maybe the marital stress occurring is too heavy to deal with, on top of postpartum recovery (emotionally and physically) and this level eight “pain” is all in my head.  Maybe I was going crazy running all over town in various directions looking for different doctors to help, when really it was all- psychological.  Depression was most definitely a factor for me given the combination of my marital issues I was going through and my level of pain experienced (with no possibility of exercising to help increase serotonin levels). Needless to say, I just couldn’t accept that the pain wasn’t real and I felt driven not to accept “other” perspectives on my level of pain in believing it was not legitimate.  I didn’t care if my husband felt like it was all in my head or if ten different doctors questioned themselves if it was all in my head.  I had friends at this time, which I knew secretly thought I was losing my mind and others who just didn’t understand it at all, but quietly supported me through the thick of it. 

I didn’t really care what anyone thought, all I knew was I could not live like this for the next sixty years!
The next thing I tried was Acupuncture.  Traditional Chinese Medicine was developed in China and has a broad range of medical practices, including acupuncture, acupressure massage, cupping and herbal therapy.  It has been around for more than 2000 years.  There are somewhere around 14,000 practitioners in the U.S. today and it is widely practiced around the world as well.  The TCM perspective of medicine is similar to Ayurveda, and different from Western medicine, in that it looks at the whole picture.  It identifies disease or disharmony in the body as the root of a culmination of factors including: diet, exercise, stress levels, emotions and our general environment.

My doctor’s name was Dr. Lee and he was 7th generation Chinese Medicine doctor.  I could barely understand this man his accent was so heavy.  I walked in so open and fearless of trying the needles out, I probably would have done just about anything at this point to just be able to hold onto a tiny morsel of hope.  I learned all about how they believe all organs and systems in the body are related through energy lines called meridians.  The body being interconnected, is a notion I think many people know at some conscious level, conversely the average person doesn’t quite understand how or why this is fundamental when working with health

Each appointment I worked with him, I felt like we were getting closer and closer.  My pain level went from a level 8 or 9 at times, down to 4 or 5.   This was significant improvement and not only that, in addition to pin pointing the meridian line the pain was on (in order to place needles in the correct locations to improve the “Chi” or energy along that line), he also explained to me the exact nerve that he felt was damaged that ran along that specific meridian line.   He talked to me about the importance of eating an anti- inflammatory diet (thankfully I was already aware and following one long before now) and discussed the ways I was handling stress in my life, as side factors to assist in the healing process.  He worked side by side with me for months, explaining to me how he came to his diagnosis of Pudendal Neuralgia and worked with me to figure out if the description and symptoms I was experiencing, matched this diagnosis.  It was the first time I worked with a doctor, and felt like a teammate, working together to figure out the issue, rather than a passive patient being told what the diagnosis was and given medicine to send me on my way.  It completely opened my eyes to a new way of viewing medicine, where doctors don’t have to claim to know everything and can team up with the patient in a way that states the message “lets work together to get to the bottom of your health condition”.  I went home and spent the next several nights reading and studying Pudenal Neuralgia.  The more I read, the more upset I got.  All the research pointed to the fact that it is an overlooked disease in the medical industry and the best option is to print off information so you-the patient, can educate your doctors about the disease, in hopes that they can explore further options for you. 

After pin pointing a diagnoses that made sense to me and experiencing a ton of progress with acupuncture, I eventually realized it was only affecting the pain level and it was not disappearing or moving in the right direction consistently.  I only had a few options moving forward. I researched flying to one of the few pudendal nerve pain centers in the country and contemplated surgeries that have extremely low success rates.   Very few doctors even perform the surgery, since very few are trained on the topic to begin with.  That option just seemed ridiculous to me.  I could fly across the country, pay a ton of money for the surgery and hope to make the tiny percentage of people that it helps in the end. I was determined to find another way.
I decided to go back to my integrative doctor and attempt at working with her on a better option than surgery.  I printed off tons of info, anatomy images and material for her to read.  Then I explained to her where I was at on my journey. Neither her or her partners, had ever heard of the condition before.  She encouraged me to do two things.  The first was to try a muscle/nerve relaxing technique called strain/counterstain.  It was something she would do for several appointments with me and then I could take the info home and work on the techniques with my husband’s help.  The second was to go on an anti-depressant medication to attempt to “break” the pain cycle my body was stuck in during this long process.  Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (or SSRI) drugs act in brain pathways that regulate both mood and the perception of pain.  The hope was if we could calm the nerve inflammation down (and corresponding muscles surround the nerve) and break the pain cycle with a medication, my body could heal and I would experience relief.  I was extremely hesitant about going on medication, because I lean more towards being a naturalist when it comes to taking things. However at this point I had exhausted all my options and was finally desperate. 

At this point medical expenses and appointments were a part of my daily routine.  I was raising a baby now, nursing 24/7 and in between trying to run around to all these appointments.  At some point as a family, we decided I needed another set of hands to stay with our son, so I could be present during my medical appointments.  We hired a woman named Mary, who was a nanny listed in our local neighborhood magazine.  Each day she watched me run off to appointments, as she happily stayed with our child and kept him busy for a few hours.  Mary was with our family for the last several medical experiences we tried during this health mystery.  She had mentioned to me before how I should go see this woman she knew who is trained in complex homeopathic healing technique{using vials of water measuring micro current changes in the body} and how this woman had changed her health condition in the past, when nobody else could.  Sounded lovely, but my initial thought, I admit -was a blatant judgment.  How could someone who specializes in homeopathic medicine help me if all these medical doctors and specialized therapists are clueless with helping me? At first I looked at her and told her there was just no way and gently asked her if she understand just how many people and techniques of medicine from around the world I had tried up until now. She stated she understood, but reaffirmed the idea that this woman has helped several people she has known and perhaps, it wasn’t “by chance” that we crossed each other’s paths.  After around two months of her mentioning this woman and giving the anti-depressant medication, counter strain technique, and a chiropractor specialized in the pelvic floor- a go (all of which had no effect), I finally caved.   I thought to myself, maybe Mary did come into my life for a reason.  Maybe I was supposed to go see this person and be open to the possibility of her helping me.  I went to my husband once again to discuss the idea of spending more money, more time, and more hope on someone else.  Surprisingly he was completely supportive, although rightfully so, at the time he strongly felt this woman sounded bizarre.  My husband grew up with a very cut and dry, black and white understanding of medicine.  Western medicine was all he knew and up until now, all he was open to. However, he already felt like all the other medical directions I had gone in were so” out there”-I simply had nothing to lose at this point.  

I thank God he never stopped me from pushing forward.  Not once did he tell me we had spent too much money, too much time or asked me to just stop and give up hope in any way, shape or form.  For that I am forever grateful.  I may have tried surgery or gone in an entirely different direction had that been the case.  There were other mothers who I made phone contact with throughout this time, who were walking with canes or in wheel chairs from years of no resolution from dealing with this issue.  I knew I had nothing to lose and only something to gain. 

The night before my first appointment with this woman, I laid in bed and said a prayer begging God to please take this pain away, so I could go back to living a normal life.  It went something like this:

Please, please send me healing in some way
and I promise I will help as many
people as possible in my life, in return for healing.

My appointment with this complex homeopathic Kinesiologist went something like this.  I sat in her office and she talked to me first about how I was here to find the root cause of a health issue.  She explained to me that this system works to find root causes to health issues and does not work like medicine, in a fast, quick way to “fix” or provide instant symptom relief.  In this way, she explained it was a process that may take some time while we work with the body to heal different layers.   The body can only heal so fast, especially on long standing issues and works in layers to heal what is most important, before it can move on to the next layer to heal.  The form of testing she was certified in is called Total Body Analysis (TBA).  It uses numerous vials of solution that contain different frequencies of the body's systems, to measure changes and issues occurring in the body.   It can measure anything from how your liver is working to the tiniest function or chemical found in the brain. This form of testing can find imbalances in any area of the entire body and tell us exactly why healing isn’t naturally occurring.  The vials that react to your body will be used to create a quantum (energertic) remedy that will detox the body, slowly getting rid of toxins and microbes in the body’s tissues (in whatever area the body saw was of highest importance for healing).  She explained the philosophy of this form of medicine is one in which our bodies were created to self heal and if they are not healing themselves, than there are underlying reasons (diet, fungi, viruses, bacteria’s, lack of proper assimilation of nutrients) why that isn’t happening.  It made complete sense to me in that moment, our bodies are made to heal themselves!  I instantly thought of when you were a kid and skinned your knee, the bleeding eventually stopped, your skin regrew and the scab eventually disappeared after time and rebuilding occurred. After completing the TBA test (or a holistic version of a physical), she began talking to me about the bruises on my legs.  She explained to me that the bruises up and down my legs were from a major parasite the test detected in my pancreas and they were general signs of nutritional deficiencies in the body.  She asked if I was aware of any other issues or signs of having a parasite.  A parasite I thought, “Hmmmm… sounds disgusting and why would I have a parasite?!”.   The first reaction I had was a shocking explanation of how I’m a healthy person who eats a super clean diet and was baffled at how I could possibly have something so awful in me. I went on to share with her I had major weight loss since I gave birth and asked her if she typically found parasites in first time clients she saw.  She explained that everyone has parasites in their system at some point in life and it was a typical thing she found, but the question was why my body wasn't able to fight this one off.  Her thoughts were that during pregnancy the mother’s immune system’s main priority is keeping the baby healthy and the mother’s body is more vulnerable during this time.  This method of assessment pinpointed the exact name of the parasite in my system, what system and the functions of that system the microbe was affecting, and the nutrition my body was lacking in order to support the systems affected in working together to assist my body to clean all of this out.  I was in pure amazement.  I had never seen such a thing.  

Once my remedy was made (which consisted of a highly mineralized solution that was charged like a “recipe” to tell my body exactly what and how to detox), we talked a bit about my labor story and how weak my system has been in general.  She strongly felt that with all my body had been through, it was clear there were signs as to why a parasite could have easily taken over as a host.  The idea of parasites in your body sounds repulsive, but made complete sense as to a causative reason for my bruises and weight loss.  She told me she would need some time to work through some layers of cleaning my system out before finding the root cause of my nerve issue.  As I worked with her over the next 6 months, my pain was doing the same thing as it had in the past; fluctuating and super inconsistent.  She wanted me to find some way to be sweating during the detox process, in order to assist my body in cleaning out.  Sweating and exercise (with an increase in heart rate) is so vital for the lymphatic system to move toxins out of the blood.  Due to my injury though, I was not able to do many forms of exercise, so I took myself to an infrared sauna session each week to assist my body in detoxing my system, while doing as much yoga as I possibly could handle. 

By our second appointment neurons showed up (I wasn’t crazy!) as a major area of imbalance in the initial testing process.  By our seventh appointment, another area of my nerves showed up signifying there was damage to the myelin sheath (protection function) surrounding the nerves.  At last I found confirmation for an area of my body I knew deep down was damaged.  There are no words to explain how I felt after finishing this remedy and finally getting my life back.  I was able to sit again with no pain; I slowly worked my walks up to a mile and eventually to running three miles.  I could ski and snowboard again with a smile on my face, knowing my body was rebuilding. 

Spiritually speaking, I learned so much during this healing process.  Firstly, never take advantage of your health, even though it is easy to do when you are in good health.  I will never again, take the general task of going for a walk in nature for granted.  Every time I do this, I smile to myself with gratitude knowing how hard I worked to regain my health in my life.   I now have a deep sense of “knowing” that at any moment- that can be striped away from you. Furthermore, I learned a ton about the mind, body and spirit as it pertains to overall health.  We must remember we are more than just a physical body and the whole “self” must be examined for both disease prevention and treatment. Lastly, never ever give up hope.  It sounds easier to say once you are through that dark deep tunnel of what you are going through.  But just because the answers or specialist is not right there in a bright white coat, fixing everything, in the way you think they should be -does not mean there are not solutions.   People that could be in disguise who know more than you think and are out there to help and guide you along your path.   Have the courage and perseverance to keep hope alive.  Don’t let fear guide how open you are to finding new solutions.  Last but not least, always listen to your inner voice, your intuition.  It is a precious and simple gift we were given for a reason.  You know your body best and never feel intimidated or held back by the strength of that tiny whisper inside you that states something is not right. 

I found myself meditating on how I was going to pull off my end of the “deal” I made with God about helping as many people as possible moving forward (in return for his guidance to my healing). At the time I made the prayer, I had no idea how I would pay back God in return for true healing. I  racked my brain for months asking myself why I would make a promise on something I had no idea how to keep.   After seeing this amazing homeopathic for two and half years and watching her do miracles healing some major issues with myself, relatives and many others I sent her way, I knew exactly what I had to do.  I decided to get certified in Total Body Analysis and put years of endless health reading, experimentation with various health products and an overall passion for holistic medicine to work to assist others along their path in finding healing in their own lives.   It is so important to note that sometimes your greatest times of challenge can actually turn out to be blessings in disguise, once viewed from a larger perspective.  My greatest hope in all of this is to help people who have lost hope and provide a new perspective on regaining health and wellness.  As we all know life is not black or white, there are many grey areas so attaining healing and wellness should be treated the same way.  If you are open to possibilities, you can find hope and if you have hope- you have everything. 

According to the Health Organization for Pudendal Education, Pudendal Neuralgia, is a rare condition that involves chronic severe neuropathic pain in the genital region of the pelvic floor. The disease affects both men and women, but about two thirds of the people who have it are women.   Most people sadly go from specialist to specialist for anywhere between five and ten years before finding a correct diagnoses and some are left undiagnosed, because this syndrome is often unrecognized by the majority of physicians (including physicians who specialize in pelvic pain-gynecologists, urologists, neurologists).  Symptoms can be unilateral or bilateral along the nerve pathways of the pudendal nerve.  Pain can range from mild to severe (depending on the activity performed), come and go and last for several months to years.  Constipation and urinary hesitancy are both major complications as well.  Pain is described as burning, stinging or knife like pain and worsened when sitting down, which is why some call it the “cyclist syndrome”. It can result from heavy exercise, cycling, childbirth, pelvic surgery or even jobs that require extreme hours of sitting. 

Many people with this disease contemplate suicide as many doctors unable to find a diagnoses brush them off as “head cases” and refer them off to psychiatrists.  Treatment options range from shots of botox in the pelvic floor to complicated surgeries (very few doctors perform) with a very small percentage for successful pain relief.

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