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#10 Essential oils
Essential oils are amazing products that can be used to boost the immune system, relieve stress by inducing relaxation, purify the air of your home through a diffuser, aids in toxin release from the body, etc.   One of the very best ways to use essential oils is in combination with white cleaning vinegar for non- toxic aromatic cleaning of the home. 
Be sure to do your research when choosing oils.   *All essential oils are not equal when it comes to quality and purity.  Native American Nutritionals and Eden Botanicals are both top choices for company brands.  They are smaller companies with high quality, therapeutic grade and third party  (the company paid an outside company to test their products) tested oils.  

When looking for essential oils be sure to look for the following: 
- Steam distilled
-Certified premium therapeutic grade
-organic or wild crafted 
-E.O.B.B.D- essential oil botanically and biochemically defined

#9 Traditional Medicinals Smooth Move Tea
This non-GMO, caffeine free, organic tea contains a number of natural herbs that work to aid constipation gently and naturally in your body.  This tea is the perfect bedtime tea as it contains calming and soothing chamomile to induce a restful sleep, while containing powerful senna leaf herb which helps to produce bowel movements within the next 6-12 hours.  It is a natural, gentle and effective go- to laxative tea for time periods where constipation may be an issue and the perfect tool for traveling! Other ingredients in this tea include: licorice root, bitter fennel fruit, sweet orange peel, cinnamon bark, coriander fruit, ginger rhizome, and orange peel oil on gum arabic.  This tea can be found typically at any health food store. *It is best to avoid use for those with known allergies to plants of the parsley (Apiaceae) family.  
#8 The Metta Meditation 
 May all things be free. May all things be peaceful. May all things be happy. May all things be safe. May all things awaken to the light of their true nature.  May all living beings everywhere, on all planes of existence, known and unknown, be happy, be peaceful, be free from suffering.

This is a beautiful meditation to live by to keep non-toxic, low-frequency thoughts free from the mind.  It helps to keep the "bigger picture" in perspective and allow yourself to visualize peace and harmony in all living things and all beings in life.   Thoughts have energy behind them, so what you think becomes a part of your reality.  Be sure you rid your body of non-toxic thoughts, non-toxic words and non-toxic actions towards all living things in life.  Using positive meditations like this one can enhance and support how to live your life this way! 

#7 Naturally Calm Magnesium Supplement By Natural Vitality
If you are looking for a wonderful anti-stress drink that can be taken cold or (our favorite) warm, like tea before bedtime, this supplement is the perfect go to to help you wind down!  Magnesium is a mineral used in the body for over 300 different functions, including blood sugar regulation, energy storage, digestion and overall muscle/nerve relaxation.  It plays a huge role in how we handle stress on a daily and long-term basis.  Most people are naturally low in magnesium due to the mineral lacking in our crop growing soil.  This leaves our foods with very little trace amounts of this vital mineral and our systems getting by with the bare minimum. This product is a vegan and non-GMO source of ionic magnesium citrate (easily absorbable).  It also contains no yeast, gluten, dairy, egg, soy, wheat, sugar, fructose, starch, preservatives, artificial color or flavored.  This high-quality supplement comes in two flavors; lemon and raspberry/lemon.  This product can typically be found online or at any local health food store. The company's motto is "Drink stress away naturally" and we wholeheartedly agree it is a must have.  The body will surely thank you after experiencing the effects of this product!  
#6 Bulletproof Style Coffee
Coffee is naturally one of the most acidic foods to place in your body and even more, to start your day on.  For many though, coffee is food for the soul.  If coffee is a must, try not to drink it every day and be sure to drink it in the cleanest form available- with as many health benefits as possible!  The way this coffee is created, there is no need for adding sugar or cream. By providing your body with a sugarless drink in the morning, blood sugar levels can remain within balance so there is no mid-day crash happening.  In general, most coffee is grown with a wide variety of toxic pesticides, so be sure to find an organic one and then make your coffee "Bulletproof style" to boost your system with some health benefits! *Warning, will make bowel movements regular if there is any trouble with constipation.
To create bulletproof style coffee you need:
1. Unsalted grass fed butter (this is the clean no "junk" version of your cream) 
2. 1-2 tablespoons of XCT oil (this oil is 6x stronger than coconut oil, tasteless and high in Omega 3s) *it works to provide essential fatty acids to the body and keep your energy up 
3. Organic coffee of your choice 
4. Hand blender or general blender (coffee in this form can't be made without this tool!)  
For more info:                                                                 
#5 Juice Plus
Juice Plus is a powerful "must have" supplement for anyone with young children.  This company's moto is "bridging the gap from what you should eat-to what you should eat everyday".  As we all know, we need a wide assortment of fresh raw fruits and vegetables daily to keep immunity up and physical health at its prime (espeically for young growing bodies).  However, due to time, money and planning it just isn't realistic to expect adults to eat a perfect diet all the time, let alone hope for our children to do the same. In general most of us suffer from a diet that lacks in enough raw fruits and vegetables, no matter how clean the diet is or how much money is spent on preparing high quality food. These delicious fruit and vegetable chewables contain juice powder (from non-GMO produce) concentrates from 30 different fruits and vegetables.  Children love the taste of them and they stand as a great addition to a wholesome diet for growing bodies. Please note, this product is not a replacement for eating vegetables and fruits, but should be used as an additional booster to the diet.  If there was just one supplement to provide for growing children, that contains powerful immune boosting nutrients and antioxidants for the body with no harmful biproducts or fillers -this is the product for them!   For more info, visit...

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#4 Get Well Stay Well Digestive Aid 
This digestive aid is a complex plant based enzyme supplement.  Enzymes are needed for a number of different jobs in the body, but the primary role is to convert nutrients to usable energy.  Enzymes are only found in raw fruits and vegetables.  Since most people's diets don't come close to making up to 80% or more of raw fruits and vegetables, almost everyone can benefit from an enzyme supplement.  This product contains protease (breaks down protein), lipase (breaks down fats), amylase (breaks down carbs), lactase (breaks down dairy), bromelain (breaks down protein), papain (aids in digestion and colon health), pepsin (assists gastric juices to break down proteins to peptides) trypsin (protein splitting enzyme), chymotrypsin (pancreatic enzyme), ginger natural colon cleanser), gentian (eases stomach pain), turmeric (stimulates digestion in the stomach), citrus peel (increases digestive fluids), fringe tree (aids in digestion of fats and minimizes mucus discharge in the stomach), peppermint (minimizes gas), cayenne (natural digestive booster), goldenseal (alleviates gas, heartburn and indigestion) and sweet root (strong digestive herb).  This should be everyone's go to suppplement to create a happy digestion process and/or to assist treating health concerns relating to digestion issues of any kind. 
#3 Dr. Willard's Willard Water (Ultimate Dark) 
 This is a potent liquid that alters the molecular chemical structure of water.  In doing this it creates highly oxygenated water for the cells.  It was discovered by a chemist named Dr. John Willard and has remained one of the most hidden beneficial health products on the market today.  This product contains 19 trace minerals such as iron, manganese, copper, iodine, zinc, calcium, potassium, and selenium along with many others that are essential to maintaining optimal balance.  
Studies over the years has proven this product to do the following: increase bioavailability of nutrients from food, improves overall digestion, act as a natural antioxidant and free radical scavenger, improves elimination of toxins and waste, reduces inflammation, raises the body's pH, improves skin conditions, improves sleep, assists muscle contraction and nerve impulse transmission, etc.  The product can be added in small amounts to drinking water for both people and pets or can even be used in cooking.  Highly recommended to anyone who can get their hands on this product, but specifically those who have arthritic conditions, fibromyalgia, cancer, food allergies, constipation, respiratory problems or digestion disorders of any kind.  For more info on this best kept secret visit: 

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Earthing Mat (Starter Kit)
The Earthing Mat starter kit is a bed sheet that contains tiny silver threadings (that serve as conductors to allow electrons to flow through it), lies on the top of your fitted bedsheet and then connects directly to the Earth (by a cord connected to a 40 in. metal rod).  This intriguing product lies behind a concept called Earthing or "grounding".  Studies of Earthing, have shown that the Earth's energy contains an endless supply of negatively charged free electrons which can work in the body in a number of positive health promoting ways.  Ultimately coming in contact with the Earth restores the natural electrical state the body should have by cancelling out free radicals from EMF exposure (from computers, microwaves, cell phones), increasing the body's ability to self-heal, decreasing inflammation and pain, improving restorative sleep and energy, boosting serotonin naturally, improving blood flow circulation, etc. The best way to achieve the health benefits from the Earth are by increasing time spent outdoors walking barefoot (along the grass, cement or beach) or by purchasing a genius product that allows for all of this to happen (in our very disconnected and fast paced society) while you are sleeping! Considering the well studied concept that inflammation is the ROOT of most health conditions and diseases, this product is essential for healing and mind/body wellness on many levels.  This product is highly recommended for anyone suffering from autoimmune disorders, arthritis, chronic pain, heart issues or those generally struggling with falling or staying asleep.  *The starter kit contains: a metal rod, a cord, testing device, a bed sheet and an additional small mat that can be used while you connect to laptops or computers.  
For more information on the Earthing concept or products visit:

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The #1 go-to health resource everyone should have in their household.  This product is magical and does a number of various jobs for the body.  It is the closest thing to a custom detox when you are fighting off germs, viruses and bacterias because it carries anti viral, anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti parasitic properties.  In addition to assisting your immune system naturally, it also acts as a water purifier by dissolving chemicals (by breaking chemical bonds into non harmful molecules) commonly found in drinking or cooking water.  It also works miracles on cuts, wounds, rashes,  insect and spider bites (by neutralizing the poison in the bite area), stings, etc.  It can be placed in your bath water to assist in pulling toxins out of the body.  It provides general electrical balance to the body, in addition to increasing oxygen consumption of cell tissues, and assisting in the formation of healthy RNA and DNA (needed for all healthy cells).  This is a natural quantam (energy) based product, so there are no additives, perspervatives, fillers, etc.  This product's uses are endless and if you don't believe us, test it out for yourself.   Anyone will quickly witness for themselves how truly perfect this holistic product is to have for the entire family on the go! For more information on purchasing this product, email us.

*The companies for the products above have not supported us in promoting their products*