Healthy Child Healthy World
Performs Never Before Study on Toxin Exposure in Humans Blood

By Healing Prana Published on April 27, 2016

A short video that is worth every second of your time if you want to educate yourself about toxin exposure for you and your children, in todays World.....

This study done in ​March of 2016, should be nothing short of alarming.  In todays world, we are constantly being exposed to thousands of chemicals, pesticides, additives, air pollutants, etc.  The company Healthy Child Healthy World (, creates studies like this and valuable resources accessible for parents to become  knowledgable first, then empowered to act.  They provide a wealth of knowledge on their website and we encourage any parent or soon to be parent to check it out.  In 2014 they collaborated with Environmental Working Group (EWG), a non profit research and advocacy organization based out of Washington D.C.,  to work together to better protect lives and the environment.  They work with consumers doing several advocacy campaigns, to demand change in companies and provide cleaner, greener platforms to hold our children's health as a top priority.  

The goal of this kind of information is not to provide reasons to keep your children locked up or present more fear and worry to the average readers mind.  It stands as a representation of how important it is to bring awareness to all the toxins we are surrounded in everyday by the air we breathe, food we eat, cleaning agents we use in our home, and general lifestyle we lead.  Many of these contributing factors we CAN control and therefore change and some of which we unfortunately cannot.    However,  we have the choice to become conscious of it all.  Once we become conscious in the lifestyles we live, the more we are able to reduce exposure to all that is out there.  Once exposure is reduced, disease and "dis-harmony" in our systems is less likely to build up over time (because it is occuring whether we see signs of it or not) and our systems can work to maintain balance in a cleaner environment, with higher chances of success doing so.