How Total Body Analysis Can Conquer Addiction When Other Methods Fail
By Healing Prana Published on March 6, 2017

Addiction is a very broad term that can relate to compulsive behavior using a substance or lack there of (in the case of eating disorders) repetitively to self medicate or “nourish” the body.  This can come in the form of alcohol, nicotine, prescription medications, sex/pornography, drugs, gambling, etc.  The root issue associated with addiction is the desperate desire to fill a void within ourselves.  

Anyone struggling with addiction, no matter what the addiction type, has some common areas of imbalance to address:
  1. Emotional (typically there is a history of suppressing their emotions)
                    2. Spiritual (a lack of inner knowing of the Self)
              3. Nutritional deficiencies (the longer the addiction- the larger the imbalance)
              4. Adrenal and Brain weakness (the body’s main systems that handle stress)
              5. Systems, cells and tissues of the body that need to detox the substance

Total Body Analysis is a unique and powerful holistic approach that involves a full assessment of the physical, and emotional state of the body.  TBA delivers completely personalized healing remedies that address both the direct and indirect causes of addictive behaviour. No other healing science is this comprehensive.

Healing addictions through the TBA approach covers the following:

*Determine what systems are weakened due to the addiction (usually adrenals, brain and liver to name a few)

*Determine specific nutrients those specific systems are deficient in (over time the addictive substance blocks systems of the body from getting the nutrients they need to function optimally), in order to rebalance the body

*Determine the specific toxins needed to detox those systems

*Discover what emotions (based on what system they are found in) are being stored and suppressed, in order to create new healthier coping mechanisms for handling negative emotions and stress in the future.

*Strengthen all the functions of the adrenal glands that are weak, in order to create a stronger foundation for handling “stressors” in life moving forward.  This system is a key component for recovering from addictions successfully, in order to be able to process stress in life from a more balanced place.  For more on how the adrenal glands play a role in addiction

TBA  provides us with vital information which will assist individuals in their recovery by tackling the addiction from an emotional and spiritual approach (the root of the issue), in addition to bringing the physical body back to balance. The goal is to create a strong foundation (mind, physical body and spirit) for a new way of living life.  The only way to do that is from the inside out; using nutrition & strengthening the organs homeopathically, detoxing harmful toxins, and re-learning new ways of handling negative emotions or stress. 

Why do other Addiction programs and therapies fail so many individuals?

Rehab Facilities typically only address one of the above areas of imbalance within an addiction.  They also commonly prescribe medications, such as antidepressants or beta blockers such as propranolol, which only add to the overall toxin load your body has to learn to function around. This than places the body in a weaker state, than it was before the addiction was treated.  The complete opposite of what the body needs, in order to re-balance itself and create a stronger tomorrow. 

Twelve Step Programs handle the spiritual end of the addiction, by allowing individuals to connect to a higher power of their choice.  But it does not work on the emotional root of the problem or assist the physical body in rebalancing and cleaning out.  Hence, why the relapse percentage for these programs is overwhelmingly high!

Therapy only addresses one, maybe two of the overall areas of imbalance, by treating the individual from a psychological standpoint alone.    It does not address actually detoxing the substance stuck in the body’s tissues, systems and cells.  It also does not help the body’s deep rooted nutritional deficiencies, nor does it help the systems of the body to be strengthened (specifically the adrenal glands). All three of those are spotlight areas that must be addressed in order to minimize the chance for relapse

Addiction is more than just the substance that is being abused, to fill a sense of emptiness in one's life.  It affects the individuals whole life; including relationships, career, health and psychological well being.   Every individual struggling with addiction needs a custom detox program according to their specific needs, areas of imbalance and emotional/spiritual individuality. It is essential that you find a program that feels right for You! Treatment success will depend on creating a new way of living and resolving the root of the issue- the underlying reason the individual turned to the substance or addictive issue of choice in the first place. 

If you are interested in treating addiction from a holistic perspective and healing your addiction from the root up, please contact us to make an appointment.  Individuals will be guided step by step, through their individualized healing journey

We look forward to working with you!

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