How long does a TBA appointment typically take? 

      An appointment typically runs between forty five minutes and two hours long,
depending on your health concerns.  

What should I bring to the appointment? 

     Bring any medications or supplements you are currently taking.

Does the TBA practitioner have to touch me during the testing? 

     The testing process is completely hands off, the only thing the practitioner will do is gently
touch your foot with her foot.  Your energy will affect the testing vials and provide all the
information we need to find the body's major health concerns.  

Who is TBA ideal for? 

     Total Body Analysis is great for anyone interested in healing holistically without causing the body
harm in any way, shape or form.  It works beautifully for tons of different health conditions, things as
simple as fighting a virus off to more complex, long standing health concerns such as infertility,
food allergies, IBS, nerve issues, etc.  Children can truly benefit from this modality, as it is an
extremely gentle way to help their developing systems heal at the root level without harmful side
effects.  TBA can also assist those recovering from addictions, in being a unique system designed 
to "clean" specific toxins out of the body associated with alcohol or drugs, while being able to
repair and strengthen the exact organs and systems that were damaged during the addiction
process.  Dogs also  respond extremely well with TBA remedies and they quickly get the hang of
taking the remedy, because intuitively they begin to understand the remedy is helping them
feel better.  Given that the remedies are tasteless, contain no harmful risk or side effects, and
absorb into the body within minutes-TBA is ideal for just about anyone! 

What will I gain from an appointment as a first time TBA client? 

     A holistic view of what your mind, body and spirit need to heal.  Wholistic view means we take into
account what you are going through emotionally, stressors in life, lifestyle habits, diet, etc.  One will
gain an entirely different perspective and understanding of how the body heals and what you can do
to help it stay balanced in order to achieve/maintain wellness.  You will also learn how emotions are
stored in the body and how they can create balance or disharmony in the body.  

How often will I need to go for noticable results with my health issue? 

     During the appointment you will have a better understanding for how the body heals in layers.  
Depending on the health issue, it may take a few tests to get deeper into the healing process of the
body.  Some may only need one remedy, while others may take four or five to reach their core issue.  
After the first appointment, you will have a better understanding of this.  One thing to note is holistic
health does not give "quick" fixes for problems that have occurred.  The body did not receive this 
health challenge  overnight and it is unreasonable to expect it to heal itself overnight.  It works on
healing the core or "root" issue by cleaning out toxins in various areas of the body that should be
working  together in a balanced harmonious way.  In order to re-establish balance (once and for all
healing the body "inside out" not "outside in"), similar to other alternative health practices, 
patience is a key component for the TBA process. 

What happens if I can't make a trip to Colorado to come for an
appointment, can I still explore TBA for my health concerns? 

Yes, TBA is a complex form of energy testing.  Therefore it can be done remotely, by a TBA practitioner
who is trained to pick up on your energy, even when you arent able to be physically "in person" for an
appointment.  This works via picture testing and distant clients have experienced excellent results with
this method of healing work.   Click           for an article that explains in greater detail how
this could possibly work.  

What are the benefits of a quantam custom remedy? 

    These energy based remedies are both safe and effective to use externally and internally in the
body.  There is no way to harm the body using energy based remedies.  These remedies are 
absorbed into the blood within minutes, create no harmful side effects and can be used to
determine the "root" cause of the illness (rather than mask or chase symptoms around to
different areas of the body).  


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"Healing is not a passive journey, it requires active participation
to bring unity to the mind and heart"         

​                                             -Caroline Myss